Wednesday, October 6, 2010


Yey finally a proper render of peter! to continue the animatics......XDD

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

title playaround part one.

i'm happy to say that this is title test number one!

trying out emma's idea in the artbook.

added colors. and a retarded purple fog. it looks magical D:

edit: added another colored version.

right, only one for now! trying out something james and the giant peach-ish. stuffs still in the works, but i just wanted to upload this to see if anyone likes the idea. comment!

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Peter's Pant

It was almost driving me crazy but yea, it all came out right finally ^^ So here are the blend shapes done for Peter's Pants in different joints which Shereendar will set driven key it later. Yay~!!!

Knee joint when straight

Knee Joint When Bent

Hip Joint when Bent Inwards

Hip Joint when bent Outwards
I noe this bent is a lil imperfect but it's done this way cause
Peter's shirt is practically gonna cover all on the top.

Hip Joint when Bent Backwards

Hip Joint when Bent Forward

Heel Joint when pointed

Heel Joint when Flexed

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Rigging Progress

CHLOE IS RIGGGEEDDD WIT HAT N ALLLL WOOOOOO IM SO HAPPY!!! yea anyway she's done all dats left is her paintweight even blendshape is done(I used an autorig though so don't ask me how to rig a full body character) : DD~As for Peter I decided to use soft body for the sleeves so it shudnt be much of a prob when animating later~i hope it doesnt go wrong with the sleeves~ but if anyone has any way to fix the sleeves pls do inform me of a better way~coz soft body will slow down rendering~PLS DON'T SAY NCLOTH - I'll slap u~ anyway XD here's some shots of how the rig looks like 0_0 the tests will be done in a few days along wit paintweight~

Friday, August 20, 2010

Round Dragonflies...

Just finished the dragonfly basically. It's in different colors so u girls can choose whether which color is better. I was thinking we could even use it for the corn field ^^

Green / Yellow Draggy

Red / Orange Draggy

Blue / Yellow Draggy

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Dear Team Bus squeeze!

We're having a meeting on 30th of July its on a friday, It's at 11 am! The meeting will be in 3D lab 3! Btw we might be there till dinner so don make any plans, I'm booking you ppl! Also finish up whatever you have to finish by the end of the month! no more delays! Considering we don have any other assignments or homework we have to do, this shudn't be much of a problem- Sooo.....

We HAVE TO! :-

1. Compile all the enviroments together and see if it fits the whole art direction we're going for
    and if certain things need to be fixed, we fix it on the spot~

2. Come up with a 3d Animatic! To confirm the camera angles,timing as well as check for the enviroment spacing! We'll probably do this all in class and everyone will do shot's of it in class- it doesnt have to be animated correctly so no worries la! we'll all do this together!

3. Discuss whats gonna happen when everyone starts working.

4. Re-Schedule!

I hope we'd be able to get this all done on that day itself. It sounds like alot- that's why I'm hoping we could start early. Also if you have problem's with the plan please inform me~so I can either change the date or time. So please try your best to finish ASAP! It's for your 70k diploma! Don't waste it!

Sunday, July 18, 2010

Kitchen Update

Still in the progress >_< So far the map thingy on the table is rigged already :D Gonna add a few more stuffs and lessen the reflectivity on the glass. The pots and pans are still roughly textured. But yeah :D Progress looks cool so far!